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Nyon tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Nyon and wish you a wonderful vacation.

Nyon tourist info Nyon tourist attractions Nyon transport info


Nyon is located 22 kilometers east of Geneva and 27 kilometers south-west of Lausanne. It is a very quiet and peaceful place near Lake Geneva with flowers decorating the quays. The place was even used by Julius Caesar for housing his soldiers. Another fame of Nyon is its porcelain, which became famous between 1781 and 1813.
The most delightful activity in the area is hiking and you can even walk around the city walls – a walk, called Promenade des Vieilles Murailles. The wall date back to the 19th century and from them you can reach Esplanade des Marronniers, from where you can admire the perfect view. There is also a yacht harbor you can visit, plus parks full of beautiful flowers.

Nyon Tourist Attractions and Holidays

If you are a bit of a thrill seeker you can rent a bike from the train station in Nyon and go to Céligny – between Coppet and Nyon. The trip to Coppet is 10 kilometers longer and you can go there too. But Céligny is really worth visiting – a picturesque village on the lake’s shore. The village offers some perfect lawns for sunbathing in front of the lake and it is perhaps the most suitable part of the lake for swimming. Richard Burton spent his last years there and loved the place.
Another interesting place is the Musée du Léman on the quay Louis-Bonnard. There you can learn many things about the history, geography and marine life of Lake Geneva, about the culture and ethnography of the area. There you can see display of flora and fauna from the lake, exhibited in 3 huge aquariums.
One can also go to Musée Romain where are exhibited samples of Roman architecture, plus sculptures, inscriptions, mosaics, crafts, amphorae, glasswork and coins also from Roman times. On the forum of the Roman colony (Colonia Julia Equestris) you will see a basilica which was used as a justice and trading centre. Both museums are closed on Monday.

Nyon Transportation

Nyon is connected directly by train to Geneva and Lausanne. The trains from both cities are quite often.
You can reach Nyon by bus from other settlements on the north, some of which also have train stations. There are also regular buses from Geneva, which arrive on the train station of Nyon.

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If you use a car you can reach Nyon from Geneva (east) and Lausanne (west) by taking N1.
From May till September you can also get to the resort by taking a lake steamer on Lake Geneva. They travel regularly from Geneva to Lausanne and back and make a stop at Nyon. The trip from Lausanne to Nyon takes about 2 hours and a half.

Visitor Information

The Nyon Tourist Information Office, Viollier 7, is open from May till September during the whole week.

For flights, trains and car-rental reservations as well as for buses, coaches and taxi ski transfers refer to the general Switzerland Transportation page!

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