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Rorschacherberg tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Rorschacherberg and wish you a wonderful vacation.

Rorschacherberg tourist info Rorschacherberg attractions Rorschacherberg transport info


Rorschacherberg (~6500 residents) is beautifully situated between the mountains and the Lake Constance, embedded in the junction of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Rorschacherberg has a lake connection between Staad and the nearby Rorschach.
The deepest point of the township is the harbour Hörnlibuck which is 398 m above sea level, the highest point lies in Wisflecken at around 900 m above sea level. Thanks to unspoilt nature that surrounds Rorschacherberg, as well as Rorschach are attractive recreational destinations.
Travellers can visit the tourist office of Rorschach, which is located opposite Hafenbahnhof at Hauptstrasse 63. Rorschacherberg has good hotel accommodation on offer, with charming hotels such as Schloss Wartensee and Hotel Sulzberg, which is near Rorschach’s center.


Rorschacherberg Attractions

Rorschach is situated on Lake Constance is a traditional port to the town of Saint Gallen. The grain house Rorschach, which dates back to 1746 is maybe the most popular landmark of Rorschach. Today it is turned into museum with displays of Rorschach’s history and its countryside that is also worth visiting. Both Rorschacherberg and Rorschach attract many tourists with the extended walking paths along the Lake Constance shore.

Rorschacherberg Transportation

The nearest airports to the towns of Rorschacherberg and Rorschach are Airfield Altenrhein and Zurich Airport.
There are many train connections to Rorschach.
From Western Switzerland one can reach the town with SBB Lausanne - Bern - Zurich - St Gallen – Rorschach.
From northwestern Switzerland and Germany) with SBB Basle - Zurich - Saint Gallen – Rorschach.
From the Schaffhausen region with SBB Schaffhausen - Romanshorn – Rorschach.
From eastern Switzerland and Austria with SBB St Margarethen to Rorschach.
From southern Switzerland with SBB Bellinzona - Chur – Rorschach.

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