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Mendrisio tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Mendrisio and wish you a wonderful vacation.

Mendrisio tourist info Mendrisio attractions Mendrisio transport info


The Swiss town of Mendrisio is located in the Mendrisiotto region, under the slopes of Generoso Mountain. Mendrisio is not only one of the southernmost settlements in the country, but also one of the oldest in Switzerland - archaeological findings prove that this region was populated in the Stone Age.
Nowadays, visitors of the town are attracted by relicts of the past and modern art. Some of the most popular attractions in that sense are the SS. Cosma e Dimiano church and the medieval city tower near the church. Another recommended tourist attraction is the Museum of Fine Arts in the Servite's monastery.
The town of Mendrisio provides its guests with excellent hotel accommodation. Some of the most popular hotels include Coronado Swiss Quality Hotel, hotel Albergo Milano, and hotel Albergo Stazione Da Totò.

Mendrisio Switzerland

Monte Generoso Trips

The cogwheel railway to Generoso Mountain was founded in 1890 on some special occasions nowadays it still operates which is an unique experience. For a trip to the mountain one should spend at least a day. Magnificent views of the hills and lakes, planetary trail and the observatory, the carst caves, abundant flora and fauna, an education trail, two hundred million years old fossils…the attractions in Monte Generoso are almost unlimited!

Mendrisio Transportation

The nearest airports to Mendrisio are these in Lugano, Zurich and Milan.
By train one can visit the town:
From Northern and Eastern Switzerland: with a SBB train to Lugano and Mendrisio.
From Western Switzerland and Valais: with SBB train to Domodossola, where one have to change with Centovalli train to Locarno, and again change for SBB train to Lugano and Mendrisio.
By car:
From Chiasso and Italy - via motorway A2, take the exit to Mendrisio.
From Northern Switzerland - either via motorway A2 (Gotthard) or A3/A13 to Lugano, and take the exit to Mendrisio.
From Western Switzerland and Valais - via the Simplon route to Domodossola, then on the motorway exit Gravellona, through the main road to Intra, ferry to Laveno - Varese - Gaggiolo and the town of Mendrisio.

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